Discover our list of different holistic, non-medical,
physical procedures aimed at helping you achieve something
specific for your body or wellbeing.

Anticellulite Massage 

The anti cellulite massage is a special massage modality combined with anticellulite bioenergy products is designed specifically to target cellulite and help with the reduction and elimination of cellulite and water retention on the affected areas.

40 min / 85 SFR

Colombian Butt Lifting

Colombian Butt Lift improves lymphatic drainage, stimulate the muscles, break down and shift fat deposits, and stimulate the hypodermis, all of which combine to provide increased toning effects and give the appearance of a smoother, firmer, more lifted backside. With this treatment you’ll improve naturally the roundness of your buttocks up to 70%.

30 min / 80 SFR
60 min / 149 SFR
90 min / 209 SFR

Breast Lifting

Ageing and childbirth are some of the factors that lead to sagging breasts. Breast lifting at Treatment Room is a non – surgical, safe and effective way to achieving bigger, rounder and firmer breasts.

30 min / 79 SFR
60 min / 159 SFR
90 min / 239 SFR

Full body Ritual

Give your skin a special attention with this nourishing and regenerative full body ritual. A herbal salt peeling and a hydrating mask with a combination of Bioenergy aftercare products leave your skin velvety and truly conditioned.


Combine this treatment with massage to nourish your skin and soul.

60 min / 150 SFR
90 min / 215 SFR (incl. massage)

Back Deep Cleansing

A deep cleansing back treatment with exfoliation, extractions and purifying herbs and mask. Highly purified fruit acids support cell regeneration and smooth the skin.

50 min / 110 SFR

Body forming cupping (Anticellulite and Firm)

Body forming cupping is a unique treatment that uses reverse pressure to break up the cellulite. Blood circulation is stimulated, and the fat and toxins that are released are moved to the lymph drainage network. Since cupping therapy also promotes a more efficient drainage of the lymph nodes, these toxins are quickly eliminated from the body. Cupping is also known to ease the fascia connecting the skin and muscle. In this way, fluid build-up is reduced and the skin develops a more cellulite-free and firmly appearance.

60 min / 120 SFR


This gentle massage activates the lymphatic system and removes accumulative fluid blockages from the tissues. The lymph drainage is effective to decongest and purify the lymph-vessels, making it an ideal treatment to help with heavy, tired legs.

90 min / 180 SFR

Belly forming cupping

Belly forming cupping contributes to improve metabolism and fat reduction from your belly and your belly sides while tightens the deep tissue of the skin. The Bioenergy products will nourish deeply your skin for a healthy appearance. A unique treatment with immediate effects that highly recommended also for women after pregnancy.

30 min / 65 SFR
45 min / 80 SFR